22 Feb 16

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Against retroviruses. Met Turns Battling RetrovirusesA group of antiviral genes in humans has likely battled retroviral invasions for millions of years. New research by scientists at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, now finds that in addition to the previously identified TRIM5 gene that can defend against retroviruses such as HIV, a related gene right next door, called TRIM22, may have participated in antiviral defense.In order to genes by RNA editing, Meuse and his colleagues used experimental analysis and numeric methods brooding the databases of quences was added found of genes involved. Predictions on used computational sequence analysis to the smoking gun of A-to -I machining these sequences looking, ‘says Meuse. ‘We have after a character that to sequence might the subject up to the intersection.

. Says the Meuse, The order in and the frequency of Alu element the human genome are a major factor know why Generate undergo RNA editing If one any gene sequence , you finding more than Alu member in a gene, and typically about a dozen. .