28 Nov 16

WTC Rescue and Recovery Workers Developed Post – Traumatic Stress Disorderthousands of World Trade Center rescue and recovery workers were still under severe mental health effects three years after the disaster, the health department reported today. New findings from the World Trade Center Health Registry published show that it had in eight rescue and recovery work workers probably post – traumatic stress disorder when they were interviewed in 2003 and 2004..

About PTSDPTSD is an anxiety disorder from the experiences from the experiences marked by intense fear, hopelessness or horror. The most common causes are war, terrorism and personal attack. Symptoms include avoiding situations reminiscent of the event, reliving the event when reminded to emotionally numb, or feeling hyper-vigilant. Many people recover with counseling or medication, but PTSD can be quite disturbing for those who suffer from it, to family and work problems and drug and alcohol abuse that.,, although estimated, civil servant that all kids are more cost $ 45 million during the first year, critic of ‘afraid of the program has the end up costing longer than expected, which could be an existing tight national budget, strain’report which Times. Public Sen. Peter Roskam said: ‘We have lots of promise to all kids and seen bit different ‘, added: ‘Like much of that being policies, and how much of that be do the right things do the right thing? ‘Gouverneur Rod Blagojevich which proposed to all children J ‘For me, health care is a basic right.

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