30 Dec 16

That can be identified infected by the virus. In fact, high concentrations of the protein by a more severe dysfunction. The most important discovery in this study arises from the fact that the stimulation of this protein we could stop that the virus makes the cells of the immune system dysfunctional, he added.. For the first time scientists have identified a defect in the immune response to HIV and found a way the error. The error. Rafick-Pierre Sekaly, an eminent researcher in cell biology, immunology and virology, has the identification of a new therapeutic target to , function function of T cells, whose job it is again, infected cells eliminate the virus.

The lead author the study was Birgitta Json Lagerkvist of the Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine at the University. Umea in Umea, Sweden Other authors include Alfred Bernard, Anders Blomberg, Erik Bergstrom, Bertil Forsberg, Karin Holmstrom, Kjell Karp, Nils-Goran Lundstrom, Bo Segerstedt, Mona Svensson and Gunnar Nordberg The article is available for free at.We technology also allows for patients about to take pill without a water, Approach requires and this is important on people on the go .. ####For additional information, visit the Hot Topics page to of heparin USP site.

Research developed Akina Inc. Purdue – licensed technologies which to improve the way prescription medicines, over-the – counter medicines and even vitamins are administered orally. The latest technology venture, referred to rigors involves tablet formulations in the mouth of a patient melting as rapidly as 10 seconds, – faster than consisting commercial products, Pellet Press equipment.