27 Jul 15

– In over three years of extensive R & D, the RHEO KNEE is the first of of a new generation of microprocessor – controlled, swing & stance knee systems to integrate the artificial intelligence, so that the system lets you the user the user walks anticipate and ultimately every step basis, explains Ms. Claire Staniforth, Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. This breakthrough in technology lead the way for the next generation of prosthetics, focused on precisely copying the bio – mechanical motion of human joints and limbs her . .

Other UT Southwestern researchers involved in the study were lead authors Rashu Seth, a student research assistant, and Dr. Lijun Sun, a postdoctoral researcher in molecular biology and Chee – Kwee Ea, a medical student assistant.

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Contact Us: Carl Blesch Rutgers,IPP – SHR – What About The Father? Explore the experience of the fathers of children cancer patients treated.

The researchers have with an three tesla MRI scanner on the University of Pennsylvania, who is twice as much as machine usually to find in clinical settings, to reveal masses of suspect tissue. Once found, they are considered computer-based diagnostics to the likelihood there is cancer, based on of an image the magnitude, predicting. – In our tests, MRT disclose several places of suspicious tissue, but rather four expert groups radiologists disagree who which Been malicious, said Madabhushi. We computer-aided technology assign probability reviews to spots which assist achieve a radiologist is confident answer. .