29 Nov 15

Liz Schick, founder of TACKERS even a liver transplant recipient more . Inspired by their own experiences, long-term health TACKERS Adventure Ski Camp from the beginning as a charity adventure camp for children with organ transplants, and their ninth her ninth International Camp as Project Manager for TACKERS Liz makes a huge difference to the lives of transplantation children around the world. Children children, this is the first time they had an opportunity to play and especially have fun , be like have a normal child. It also gives them the ability to slip often over – protective arms of the parents and their struggle to escape for long-term health for a week of fun! is is also the first time they have met other children with transplants to be like them! Liz commented, I have to believe that you are healed a transplant and you are healed I now realize that it is just the beginning of a lifelong battle to stay fit and well with a daily drug cocktail to keep the organ healthy. Children are faced with the most severe battle. With a shortage of organs, it is important that these young people, the transplant get to keep their new organs for life and continue to enjoy life. We thank our sponsors because without their financial support, TACKERS would not happen for the these amazing children and their families. .

Callum Teasdale – Age 13 years, Frodsham, Cheshire Callum This is the first time at the TACKERS Ski Camp and he is looking forward to meet new friends and have fun Callum received a new liver in Birmingham Children’s Hospital in February 1997 aged only. 22 months old. A regular participant in the British Transplant Games, he is also very proud of what the UK at the World Transplant Games in Australia in August 2009. Callum attended camp with his parents, Adele and Anthony both nurses and his numerous siblings under 10 years old, Alice and Niall A true family winter experience.


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