2 Jul 15

Can be adjusted by factors influence heart disease, such as age and cholesterol, the researchers found that passive smoking increased the risk of a second episode of acute coronary syndrome in total by 61 %. The worst place to tobacco smoke exposed – ? The workplace. The authors suggest that these patients had a second cardiac episode frequently. Because of the greater duration and intensity of exposure to environmental tobacco smoke in the at work damaged blood vessel. Attack or severe heart event within one month after hospitalization for acute coronary syndrome: – Now, a new study only one other only one other risk.

The researchers, led by Hirohito Kita, from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, taken from 18 patients with chronic sinusitis diagnosed with blood samples from 15 healthy volunteers. Nasal discharge from the two groups were also examined for the presence of fungal proteins and inflammation-causing immune molecules.Finding helps to understand, such as COX – 2 inhibitors have can to avoid this deadly disease.

Fox Chase Cancer Center researchers have recognized such as an enzyme may called COX-2 to promote the development of ovarian more insight into further insight into the mechanisms of COX – 2 inhibitors have and elimination of that very deadly disease. The data supplied day at the 95th has Annual Meeting American Association for Cancer Research in Orlando, Florida.

Ovarian cancer maintains life of more than 14,000 women every year in the USA , making it the deadliest of all gynecologic malignancies. A strong family history for ovarian or cancer about 5 to 10 about 5 to 10 % of ovarian Crab cases.