30 Nov 16

The Hillside Bridge Healthcare Centre in Bradford 198 new patients registered in the first 60 days of operation – 86 of them were from other local practices, came 77 of practices a little further away, while 35 were not previously registered patients. We are Sarah Rhodes, Practice Manager, Avicenna Medical Practice, and chairman of the local practice Managers Association, two nurse practitioners and 20 patients were at the new center to be incorrect, since it opened. ‘The main effect is on the staff moved down there, because they pay to do more than the general practices drogas . Both both of our nurse practitioners. We are use to advertise and we are currently using the locums. ‘.

Anxiety has grown among General Practitioners that the new centers will practice according to a recent report the Health Services Management Centre warned they would have to take about 20 percent of general practitioners patient to undermine prevent white elephants.


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