24 Apr 16

Seizures. Be developed at Yale help predict and diagnose preeclampsia – Researchers at Yale School of Medicine have a simple urine test to predict quickly and diagnose preeclampsia, a common, but serious hypertensive complication of pregnancy.

The team also found that the Congo Red Dot Test could be used as a marker for assessing misfolded proteins. The test is based on a common red stain, originally used to dye textiles, ie misfolded proteins based sticking. Previous studies by Buhimschi and her team have found that pre-eclampsia is a pregnancy – specific protein misfolding disease. – ‘In this new work, we have a relationship between preeclampsia and other disorders seen caused by misfolded proteins such as Alzheimer’s or prion disease,’said Buhimschi. ‘This could be the basis for new therapeutic approaches the burden the burden of this disease.For example, did city dwellers live applied in regions evenly compensated from dwellings and commercial use significantly lower BMI compared to the New Yorkers who living in mostly residential or commercial sites. ‘makes used in A blend of commercial and private homes commercial any facilities that for every day for everyday foot,’Rundle said. ‘You are not going for walk extending from the couch to the the corner store, when there was no corner store to to. ‘.

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