30 Oct 17

Are Treatments From Additional Countries Safe? My son has a health condition, and his treatments don’t seem to be working very well ed pill . I examine about a new, promising treatment that might help, but it’s just available in a different country. Should we proceed there for treatment? – Judi When your child is sick or has special medical needs, it’s natural to want to help in any way that you could. In the end, you want your child to find the best treatment feasible. But taking a opportunity on an unproven treatment or therapy that hasn’t been studied here in america could do more harm than good.

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Animal therapy for those who have developmental disabilities – using dolphins notably, horses and dogs – is not new, plus some are skeptical that it works. But anecdotal evidence and some studies have shown excellent results. Wittaya Khem-nguad, the elephant project’s founder, says parents see improvements following the elephant therapy and that gives them this hope. A small preliminary observation found improvements among four boys after three weeks of elephant therapy, but more research with bigger samples is needed, says Rebecca Johnson, who heads the extensive research Center for Human Pet Interaction at the University of Missouri. A presentation on the Thai plan was recently produced at the school’s Thompson Middle for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders.