25 Mar 16

Used in the current study, Mayo Clinic researchers analyzed different definitions of Math LD, school reports of boys and girls in public and private schools in Rochester, Minnesota, enrolled, and examined information from the students’ medical records. In reading.looked at the extent to which Math LD occurs as an isolated learning disability compared to the extent to which it simultaneously LD in reading. This study is the first to measure the incidence – the occurrence of new cases – of Math LD by uniform criteria to a specific population over a long time.

Despite the recognized importance of mathematics, has focused the majority of learning disability reading research. The prevalence of Math LD has been estimated at anywhere from one % to six % of school-age children. Research on Math LD by different definitions of Math LD and poorly defined criteria for identifying it was obstructed. Most studies have looked at the prevalence of Math LD, ignoring changes in the group of students studied, and makes it difficult, the exact number of children affected by Math LD to determine.The National Institute of Mental Health mission is the burden of mental and behavior disorders with research in reducing the spirit of, brain and behavior. For more information, visit the NICAD site:.