6 Mar 17

The results were recently published in Science , and of an editorial of an editorial in the next month’s issue of Nature Reviews Neuroscience. ‘We have run for 40 years to chemicals known from the cells after stroke, but no one knew the exact course. So we went looking for the death channel and we found it,’said Roger Thompson, a UBC Psychiatry post-doctoral fellow discovery discovery, along with student Ning Zhou and Psychiatry Prof. Brian MacVicar, all members of the Brain Research Centre at UBC Hospital and Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute..

For more information,UBC Researchers Find Stroke Death ChannelNew therapies for stroke patients may soon be possible, thanks to a discovery by a team from the University of British Columbia neuroscience researchers who have found a new stroke death channel – the channel through which key chemicals are lost from brain cells during stroke, causing cell death, the disabled stroke victims.Herceptin is relatively few side effects , but certainly the one that has worried us majority most of that it a small but real opportunity for development heart damages as a result of Herceptin, especially when there be certain in the vicinity used the chemotherapeutic. The drug is ‘ adriamycin ‘and ‘doxorubicin ‘very Also each patient, the HER2 is overexpression breast, we tell her about the balance of the side effects and dangers, and of many, but not all patients, the value Herceptin little that risks prevail answer Herceptin is a drug, an agent of, whose chemical name being It is a monoclonal antibody with the with which action of a protein in several important mammary carcinomas: the HER2 protein.

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