20 Nov 17

Glaucoma, the next leading cause of blindness in the globe, is a condition that occurs when an excessive amount of pressure builds up in the optical eye. This surplus pressure pushes back against blood trying to enter the attention resulting in vision loss. ‘Studies show that high blood pressure is definitely a risk factor for glaucoma. But the reasons for this were never clear,’ said author Bang Bui, PhD, of the University of Melbourne, Australia, Department of Vision and Optometry Sciences. In the IOVS research, Chronic Hypertension Increases Susceptibility to Acute IOP Challenge in Rats, Bang and his co-authors from the University of College and Melbourne of Medicine at Deakin University, Australia, identify a good reason for those observations.Drinking a lot of water to keep carefully the mouth properly hydrated 5. Avoiding cigarette smoking 6. Adding more dietary fiber in the dietary plan 7. Visiting dentist regularly Usually these home remedies are enough to eliminate Black hairy tongue. It’s important to seek treatment if the symptoms usually do not disappear by themselves. Antifungal or antibacterial medications are prescribed to eliminate yeast or bacteria. Topical medicines like tretinoin may also be prescribed. Medical procedures is perceived as a final resort when other strategies fail. In surgery, the papillae are take off with electrosurgery or laser beam.’ The Wall Street Journal writes, ‘Mumbai officials possess publicly pledged free treatment for Mrs. Sheikh and various other, similar patients with extreme forms of drug level of resistance within the city’s jurisdiction,’ but ‘Mrs.