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If the researchers interviewed 25 women 43 years, 43 years, their late 60s they found that their findings went to four main themes:. Another option might be to train female community leaders to deliver local information sessions and help set up support groups community would guide with personal menopausal experiences and able to further confirmation and support for women offer. .

The work was published 30th January 2011, in an advance, online issue of Nature Cell Biology. – This work are a new paradigm in stem cell research is reprogramming, said Scripps Research Associate Professor Sheng Ding, who led the study. We hope it helps overcome major safety and other technical hurdles currently with some types of stem cell therapies are connected. .’TEL2 should be drawn a new diagnostic markers are be considered especially in patients who do not have to classical genetic mutations that physicians usually are using the sickness the disease. Is also be very interesting to evaluate the effect of drugs that study block TEL2 activity of, as this one approach could someday put an effective treatment for leukemia patient. ‘.. Grosveld team found St sequence of events model at mouse also occurs in human lymphoma patients. Combination increase TEL2 and MYC expression to the B lymphocytes over one third of patient with a B-lymphoma entered W – acute lymphatic leukemia.

RNA then directs the production of the protein that is the gene for. This gene TEL 1 , which slows the cell growth and multiplication works of the family and of the family and the ETS is a known goal of mutations in the man leukemia. Grosveld the group previously identified TEL2 and detected of its resemblance to TEL1 which examine them whether TEL2 also starred prompts a role leukemia. At the MCB trial the researchers discovered, as opposed to TEL1, TEL2 supports cellular proliferation plays an indirect role in develop on B lymphoma.. The TEL2 Gen. Is part of a family of genes mentioned ETS transcription factor transcription factor cause the cell the code the code a specific gene and producing copies of RNA.