8 Feb 15

From the blood samples they were able to determine the length of the telomeres of blood cells. As participants in the Nurses’ Health Study, in the indication of the blood samples, the women were also validated questionnaires, the questions about phobic symptoms were filled , so the researchers were able to correlate these to telomeres.

Despite 35 years of intensive research by hundreds of labs studying C. Elegans no one had discovered that eye less robust worms respond to light. Miller, the group found the light switch response, Theological diseases. – worms began paralyzed because of a gene mutation.The lessons learned from such mutation at EIF4G1 lead to cell death might help us. Developing new therapies to treat or slowing Parkinson’s disease.

The research at Mayo Clinic in Florida was the NIH, financed the Michael J. Fox Foundation, and a present Herb intellect to with Lewy bodies research.