11 Sep 15

The new Siemens educational initiative aims to open a dialogue about living with hearing loss and the awareness of the importance of ear anatomy and ear protection in children Affected mainstream schools. Affected with one in seven people in the UK are hearing loss, most kids will know someone a hearing a hearing problem more . Educating early play an important part in reducing the stigma to listen to health, plus the awareness of the practical situations, to someone with hearing loss may have to positive attitude positive attitude. The new initiative concise concise resource for teachers to keep more about hearing health, then they can empower the thought-provoking discussions with her students, Darren Ransley , Marketing Manager at Siemens Hearing Instruments. With a greater awareness of the situations in which people with hearing problems faced on a daily basis, we can allow a better understanding and a positive attitude towards social integration. .

Obama administration launches Food Safety Working Group Web sitein response to President Obama’s directive to the nation system for food safety, the White House Food Safety Working Group on Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius led to update, launched a website to provide information about the group’s activities and progress. – ‘The working group is an important tool for gathering ideas on how we can of food safety of food safety, more responsibility and the public to protect accessible, flexible enough to quickly resolve new security challenges that arise, and in be able to meet the robust needs of our rapidly changing world, ‘said Vilsack. Families have enough to worry about, you should not be surprised if the food you buy at the grocery store is safe, ‘said Sebelius. ‘Our group is working hard our our. Protecting the American people The website will help ensure you can can share their thoughts and contribute to this important process. ‘.

11.25 The prostate Cancer research puzzles Prof. Jack Schalken, Radboud 15 The Netherlands11.40 The clinical riddle of the prostate disease Prof. Fran ois Desgrandchamps, Saint-Louis Hospital? France.