10 Jun 15

By Dr.ture of the major cancer drug target identifiedresearchers from Monash Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology have determined the structure of the protein JAK2 kinase, a discovery with huge implications for the design and development of new cancer drugs.

There were 53 percent more heart attacks in the winter than in summer. January was the leader with twice as many heart attacks per day than July, the safest month. And winter heart attacks were more serious with a 9 percent mortality rate. Research results indicate that winter heart attacks produce more damage to the heart muscle than in any other season. – The Harvard Men’s Health Watch, a number of factors the increased the increased seasonal risk, among them suggests:.###Co-authors are Stefan O. Schoenberg, Maximilian F. Thomas M. And seriousness Poeppel, MDRSNA is an alliance of more than 40,000 radiology, radiation oncologists, Medical physicist and neighboring scientists committed to foster excellence in radiography by education and by promoting research, having the aim to improving patient care.

While in fMRI scanning subjects were presented with a series three-second visual stimuli the logos out of heavy and weakly brands the automobile manufacturers and insurance companies. A brief question is contained with that spell in assess which perception of that mark. Press a button pressed a button of reacting with a four -point scale of strongly disagree up to strongly agree. During obtained sequence of the fMRI stock photos brain, depicting areas that activated responsive to the different stimuli. In addition to to the questions that were invited during scanning the volunteers where questionnaires before or after fMRI.