20 Jan 15

Demonstrated Jena analyze why men suffer more rarely from inflammatory diseases than womenIt’s all on the testosterone: men are usually more muscular than women, they have a deep voice and body hair. And people are less susceptible to inflammatory diseases and allergies than women. This is to on the male sex hormones as a pharmacist at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena has shown in a recent study order cialis for women . ‘It is mostly women who are affected by diseases such as rheumatoid (more…)

9 Jan 15

. Sooike Stoops – VIB.. On the way to a specific treatmentThis opens new possibilities for the development of drugs that affect the inactivation of-secretase? Because current methods prevent the effect of the whole complex, they also cause a lot of unwanted side effects. The findings of the Leuven researchers should make it possible develop drugs that develop drugs that are directed to a single subunit and therefore a much more specific effect. You’ll probably never be able to give people (more…)