ED PIlls

1 Oct 14

There are much talks about generic and brand medications and when trying to see into a matter, it seems even harder to make a choice between these too. However, the market of ED pills is teeming with brand drugs and even more with generic. It wouldn’t be that confusing but for the price. While the name ‘brand’ sounds more respectful, the price tag is on the generic side. Here is another attempt to help you study out what’s the difference between the two and let’s take Viagra as an example.

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29 Sep 14

Tadalafil is the active ingredient in Cialis and its generics. Cialis in turn is the medication meant to treat erectile dysfunction problems. Cialis is the brand name for medication manufactured by Eli Lilly while Taladafil is the generic drug. In fact the name is the only difference between these two. But since there are many myths about tadalafil it would be nice to dispel them and give the answers to most frequently asked questions about it.

What drugs is tadalafil a part of?
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