25 Sep 15

In Berlin,US study median survival time for patients receiving Erbitux added to FOLFOX4 was 22.8 months compared to 18.5 months with FOLFOX4 alone. The median survival, measured here as almost two years means 50 % of the patients were likely to live beyond this time. Patients with metastases confined to the liver, and who respond to Erbitux are to on to have complete surgical removal of tumors of the liver a chance to have healed of cancer.. The results showed mentioned adding Erbitux to the standard first-line chemotherapy already, more than two – fold increase in the chances of tumors gave reacts and of disease of disease worsening by more than a third .

The results confirm and extend results from other studies showing that caffeine protects against memory loss in old age and Alzheimer’s disease. ‘Caffeine is a safe and readily available drug and its the the blood-brain barrier means it could play an important role in therapy for neurological disorders play,’says Geiger.The pathogen. Illustrates the increasing power of proteomics, the systematic study of of protein. Where to genes in an organism includes her plans, will proteins are the wooden, shingles and other building materials. Proteomics scientists are investigating how proteins of – hold the cell communicate with conjunction with other cell, process nutrients into energy , and carry out various others Help – who biology biological molecule. By a comparison proteins of in different organisms, researchers can identify every protein at cellular signal pathways.

Or, as co-first Suthram put it: ‘. Protein interaction analysis will give you a second source of info of the structure now you can both DNA a sequence sequence and the protein networks that is what do PathBlast. ‘.