13 Feb 15

‘The mouse models currently used are a very thin link to the most common form of Alzheimer’s,’says Blennow. ‘This is particularly evident when new drug candidates based on real people , we now have 100 molecules, which identified formation of plaques in formation of plaques in mice with Alzheimer’s, but unfortunately do not have to a single drug slows the disease can be tested out at people. ‘ crestor medicine .

Although the researchers found the availability of emergency contraception does not distinguish on the basis of neighborhood income, in 19 % of the calls of the young people were told they could no emergency contraception under any circumstances. This misinformation occurred more often among pharmacies in low-income neighborhoods.

Amyloid peptidesresearchers got a new, longer species of amyloid? has the potential to must be a new target for the treatment of Alzheimer identified. The research appears a ‘Wallpaper of the Week’in the 3rd December edition of Journal of Biological Chemistry an American Society Biochemistry and Molecular Biology journal.