14 Sep 15

Spitzer GSK says lied about his study results on its own sales. GSK says is not true.Spitzer says, there were five separate studies conducted by GSK. He says that GSK withheld the information contained in four of them and only the data from the released studies. According to Spitzer, the other studies show that show that Paxil worked. In fact, other studies indicated that an increased risk a possible increased risk of suicide in children and adolescents.

Mary Ann Rhyne, GSK spokesperson denies the charges. She says all the data clearly revealed in medical journals, scientific conferences and public meetings. She said the data clearly prevalent to the regulatory watchdogs. Revenues in the first quarter of this year Praxil was USD 291 million.- COBRA allows employees who to leave their workstations in order to keep her health insurance among their former employer the map on for 18 months, however you should pay as a rule which the entire cost of the premium. Within the scope of the Recovery Plan the subsidies been extended to the newly unemployed. The researchers studied more than 6,000 New Jersey residents who have been unemployed end of last year and esteemed that between one quarter and one third of eligible unemployed persons uses subsidization subsidy of their health insurance Enrollment suitability of for the COBRA subsidies on continue to to people from their workstations until 31 May fixed.