29 May 16

Researchers are invited visit the Chronix booth at ASCO for further information and details.* Abstract# 10505, ‘Comparative analysis of the chromosomal origins of circulating nucleic acids in breast and prostate cancer, June 2010, Room S100A.postoperative complications andf ARTISS Slow setting fibrin glue in the treatment of burn patientsBaxter Healthcare Corporation announced the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval of ARTISS ), the first and only slow setting fibrin sealant indicated for use in adhering skin grafts in adult and pediatric patients with burns.

Previous published studies have demonstrated their potential utility in breast cancer and multiple sclerosis. In conjunction with the University of Calgary, Chronix is also developing commercial applications for veterinary use, including tests for the early detection of BSE or mad cow disease. ”With these encouraging results, we are launching a ‘For Investigational Use Only’laboratory – based testing service that for the first time allow cancer researchers to monitor the status of patients in their clinical trials with a high sensitivity and specificity, ‘Urnovitz Urnovitz, Chief Executive Officer of Chronix ‘This new service provides a unique opportunity clinical research clinical researchers and simultaneously used to expand the data base for the approval for the use of our tests in the current patient care.Now an? Trial at New England Journal of Medicine reports can assist a new medical treatment, some of those patients live longer.