6 Aug 17

Bristol-Myers Squibb announces excellent results from Phase 2 study of ipilimumab in sufferers with NSCLC Bristol-Myers Squibb Business today announced positive results from a randomized Stage 2 study evaluating ipilimumab in conjunction with regular chemotherapy in previously untreated sufferers with advanced non-small cell lung tumor medication information . The study, referred to as 041, fulfilled the predefined criteria for significant improvement in immune-related progression -free of charge survival , the principal endpoint, more than chemotherapy alone. An additional analysis of progression-free survival , assessed using traditional mWHO criteria, also reached statistical significance in another of both dosing schedules that combined ipilimumab with standard chemotherapy.

Bristol-Myers Simcere and Squibb partner to co-develop oncology substance Bristol-Myers Squibb Organization and Simcere Pharmaceutical Group , a leading pharmaceutical business in China, today announced a forward thinking strategic partnership to co-develop BMS-817378, a preclinical small molecule MET/VEGFR-2 inhibitor. This unique arrangement represents a creative approach to accelerate a preclinical oncology substance to clinical proof-of-concept by leveraging the complementary strengths of a premier Chinese pharmaceutical company and a worldwide pharmaceutical company. A novel is normally represented by This partnership development stage relationship for Bristol-Myers Squibb with a Chinese company, and a novel partnership strategy for Bristol-Myers Squibb to leverage its early stage pipeline in support of its BioPharma technique.