21 Oct 17

ChromoCure publishes outcomes of cervical cancer research using its Chromosomal Scanner Technology ChromoCure, Inc. is very happy to announce the publication of the Cervical Malignancy Study, PRE-CLINICAL SYSTEM Screening AND PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT, conducted in conjunction with a major international Tumor Clinic. The analysis analyzed samples given by the Malignancy Clinic with its Proprietary Chromosomal Scanner Technology the efficacy of using an automated system to detect aneuploid cells in real-world specimens; 2) the recognition of aneuploid cells can be diagnostic of cervical lesions; and 3) the scanner’s superb efficiency at not merely detecting cancer but reaching the near theoretical maximum contract with error containing data.By week 22, mice which were contaminated with hepatitis B virus were six times much more likely to develop liver tumors than mice contaminated with hepatitis B virus and lacking in androgen receptors within their liver hepatocytes. The evidences show that androgen receptors can promote hepatitis B virus in the growth and advancement of hepatoma cells. Furthermore, their outcomes have got demonstrated that targeting the androgen receptors, rather than the androgen, could possibly be developed as a new therapy to battle HBV-induced hepatocellular carcinoma..