2 Apr 15

Biologics, including TNF inhibitors have been used autoimmune diseases, autoimmune diseases, for 13 years. Curtis Group examines three of the most commonly used TNF inhibitors: infliximab, adalimumab and etanercept. TNF inhibitors are monoclonal antibodies or fusion proteins bind and inhibit TNF,. A family of cytokines or signaling molecules a role in inflammation a role in inflammation.

The only exception was among rheumatoid arthritis patients in a specific TNF inhibitor infliximab, in which the severe infection was 25 % greater than those receiving non – biologics. – was Since its inception there controversies whether the risk of infection the risk of infection, said Curtis. Our results should have some security for doctors and patients, especially patients with high-risk offer. Biologics are not without risk, but the risk is reasonable and manageable, for most people, because the benefits of medication for most people, Curtis said linked these findings with the known risks of long-term steroid use, suggest that to wean more aggressive efforts to autoimmune patients off steroids justified..Today World Health Organization highlights that a sunbed used use a risk of skin cancer, and that there is no persons under 18 should use a tanning. There is known that young people who against exposure against UV risk of burns developing of developing melanoma later in life and recent studies have shown the direct relationship between the use of sunbeds and Crab.

WHO highlights its recommendations so many, especially young women in the advanced countries, prepare get a TAN is pending of summer.