22 Feb 15

ACP about the rising cost of medical education and the resulting financial debt burden relates medical students and doctors in training, Dale stressed. High debt act as a deterrent for a career in primary care, in underserved areas in underserved areas or in medical profession as a whole. Complicating student debt will likely only discourage students considering a career in medicine, full-time lucrative specialties like internal medicine and general medicine, already facing already facing shortages. .

Cervical cancer up was about one – in women in women from cancer in 2002 – a total of 500,000 new cases and 275,000 deaths, the authors say about 80 percent of all cervical happen cases in the developing world. It the second most common cancer in women. Not only cervical cancer is the most common and important cancer in women in some developing countries, but also the societal impact of the disease is accentuated further by the young average age at death when women raise still families, the authors explain.The world, has lack of education, preventive HIV in Afghanistan, filling distributed stigma of and a shortage of education and prevention efforts drives the propagation of HIV Afghanistan, which New York Times reports. According to the Times , there are 69 cases of HIV in the country, some of health care official said the true number of cases is much higher. World Health Organisation estimates that about 1,000 to 2,000 Afghan are HIV-positive. Egamberdi Egamberdi a World Bank consultant on HIV / AIDS said that the WHO estimates does not even close to reality. ,, Afghanistan stands which additional vulnerabilities countries emerging from conflict – shortage of education and public services, mass of movements of people, and the sudden stream of aid money, commerce and outsiders.

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