30 Sep 16

The effect of the use of curcumin concentrate to improve the effects of pharmaceuticals for cancer was first suggested by Dr. Lev-Ari, Faculty of Medicinent at Tel Aviv University Sackler Faculty of Medicine, was conducted by Prof. Nadir Arber and Prof. Dov Lichtenberg.

These effects may be the basis for the medical treatment of inflammation and cancer may be both by the combination of curcumin and Celecoxib. And it can also help the drawers again potent anticancer drugs – due to the high because of the high toxicity – again indications on the market under low dosage.Hurry As scientists to figure out originated how responsible virus to the current flu outbreak, a group of experts of the world on in evolutionary biology – including the University of Florida team – is set aside some academic traditions of has working together on a solution.

An important finding is that said new virus is derived its genes from both pig and human lineage some of which are turn from a avian flu – pool, said Becca Gray, a UF postdoctoral employment with Salemi.