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3 Jun 16

This easier for us to obtain the CE mark for the infra scanner and allowed us to sign our first distributors in the UK, Spain, India and Africa. Completely.. INFRASCANe for the early detection of brain hemorrhage in Head Trauma Patients Receives CE MarkINFRASCAN, a medical device that it is specializes in brain injury diagnostic products, announced today that the CE mark, European marketing approval for the infrastructure scanners handheld receive brain hematoma detector. The CE marking (more…)

2 Jun 16

Was Hopkins researchers decipher references to infertility in obese womenObese women a known risk for infertility, but a new Johns Hopkins Children’s Center study, has also discovered what investigators believe that it is the mechanism for risk here .The research conducted on mice and online in the journal Cell Metabolism 8 Published September, was that the pituitary gland actively responds to chronically high insulin levels, triggering a cascade of hormonal changes that disrupt ovarian (more…)

2 Jun 16

Dosage compensation is the equalization of X-linked gene expression between males and women . DCC is responsible for the increase in the transcription of the single male X chromosome two-fold. But as the DCC the X chromosome from the other 7chromosomes chromosomes in the nucleus remained a mystery.

Here are quotes by Mark Rupp, president of SHEA. The new guidelines emphasize the need for physicians and health care professionals about the importance of screening for Klebsiella pneuomoniae (more…)

1 Jun 16

Gandhi said: ‘This study suggests that people smoke, menthol cigarettes – especially those with a low income – more nicotine and more nicotine and toxins per cigarette ‘, which in turn could cause more nicotine dependence. Previous studies have shown that menthol-flavored menthol-flavored cigarettes tend to have higher levels of nicotine in their blood than other smokers. The menthol flavoring masks the harshness of nicotine and other tobacco toxins, according to Reuters (Norton, Reuters (more…)